TCM Herbal Medicine

The use of natural herbs to regulate the body

What is TCM Herbal Medicine?

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) assessment will involve me identifying imbalances in your body based on symptoms that I gather through observation, questioning, and radial pulse palpitation. I look at the same symptoms that your allopathic medicine doctor may observe, but perceive these symptoms differently, without resorting to blood work or scans. The information from my assessment allow me to understand the state of balance within the body, so that I can recommend an appropriate treatment plan to help with your ailment. A treatment plan may include an herbal preparation, acupuncture treatments, or even suggestions on lifestyle changes. My aim is to help your body achieve a state of balance, so that you feel relief and gradual disappearance of symptoms.

Conditions Treated

Back pain
Coughing and respiratory conditions
Digestive problems
Eczema/skin problems
Menstrual irregularities
Miscellaneous conditions
Sinus allergies
Urine/prostate issues